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Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

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Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings is designed to be completely self-contained for individual use. However, it is also extremely effective in a small classroom situation. The book was originally piloted in a co-op classroom with a group of six homeschooled students who met once a week to discuss the material. Since its publication in May 2004, the curriculum has been used in many other cooperative class situations, many of which have reported continued and growing interest in the class. The Lord of the Rings lends itself to group discussion amazingly well. Even the most reluctant reader can find something to interest him in the material, and the boundless enthusiasm of the more “involved” fans is sure to be contagious.

            The material is very easy to use in this situation, since almost all the work is done for you. The materials contain all the worksheets, exercises, study guides, discussion questions, suggested writing assignments, quizzes, tests, and answer keys that you will need. In addition, the website has suggested lesson plans for weekly classes and suggested enrichment activities for a group setting. Look for these under the TEACHER’S RESOURCES section. Of course, you are free to adapt the material to your own unique situation, including other discussion questions, writing assignments, or activities to suit your own teaching style and the needs of your students.

            Using this in co-op situation is also more cost-effective for the parents, since only one Teacher’s Edition needs to be purchased by the instructor. Also, there is a group discount for student book orders of 5 or more. The price breakdown is listed below. Each student will need one student edition and a copy of The Lord of the Rings which correlates with the pagination used in the text of the curriculum. These copies of The Lord of the Rings are available at a discount as well.

            If you decide to place a group order, please call 252-459-9279 or 252-883-5966. Since our staff is small at this time, you may get a voice mail message. If so, please leave your number and we will return your call very shortly. Co-op orders need to be paid for in advance by credit card or by check. See below for shipping information.

            Thank you for your interest in this curriculum. We hope that you will enjoy the material and will want to offer this class on a regular basis in your community.


Amelia Harper, HomeScholar Books


Discount Schedule (effective April 30, 2008 until further notice.)

Teacher’s Editions- $85.00 (no discount) Shipping charges will apply. Below are Media Mail Rates.

    For faster deliveries, actual shipping charges will be added to your cost. It may be best for you to order one set of the HomeScholar Pack (which includes one Teachers Edition and one student edition for the special price of $115. Then you can order additional student editions at the prices below.

Student Editions-    Free Shipping      

1-4         $55 each             

5-9         $46.75 each           

10+        $44.00 each     

No additional shipping charge for Teacher’s Edition or HomeScholar Pack.

Softcover copies of The Lord of the Rings which correlate with Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings are also available for purchase for $16 each if you order 5 or more. These normally retail for $20

Please call 1-252-459-9279 or 1-252-883-5966 to place your group order or you can order online by adding books to the shopping cart. Allow 3 weeks for delivery on group orders.

Thanks! We look forward to hearing from you!



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