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Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

Below are links to help you with Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings or to give you more information about topics in the study that may interest you. Even if you are not doing the Lord of the Rings study, you still may be interested in exploring these topics.

Resource Links for Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings

More About the Movies

Writing Helps

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Book One Links

Tolkien Links- Unit Study One

Language Links- Unit Study Two

Book Two Links

A Guide to Middle Earth- Unit Study Three

Maps of Middle-earth-- Unit Study Four

Links to the Ancient Epics-- Unit Study Five

Book Three Links

Beowulf Links-- Unit Studies Six and Seven

Book Four Links

Fantasy as Literature Links-- Unit Study Eight

Poetry Links- Unit Study Nine

Book Five Links-- still in progress

Links to the Legends of King Arthur

Book Six Links--still in progress

Writing a Literary Analysis Paper- Still in progress

Not all links are up. Many of these were lost during a hard drive crash and are being updated as quickly as possible.

Movies and the Classics

NOTE: Efforts have been made to check these sites for objectionable material. However, due to the extensive and changing nature of the Internet, we cannot necessarily endorse the full content of these sites. As with any use of the Internet, please use discretion when visiting these or any site to which they link.

   2003 by Amelia Harper. All rights reserved.



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